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[30 Jan 2012 | 13 Comments | ]
Hummingbird Silhouette Art–How To

This weekend while the boys worked themselves to the bone in the basement, I decided to finally fill the empty frame in our mudroom gallery wall.  I’m in to birds right now.  And I figured a hummingbird, with it’s long beak would make the perfect subject for silhouette art.  This is probably the simplest “art” I’ve ever made.

First I found a printable image of a hummingbird.  Truth be told, I’ve had the image printed out for the past 6 months or so but hadn’t picked out a spot for …

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[27 Jan 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
Finding Our Style

When we first moved in together – four years ago, we went from two apartments in to a town house.  Most of the furniture we had, had been with us since university, our first apartments or had been handed down from family.  With the exception of a couch, chair, ottoman and four dining room chairs, we didn’t purchase any furniture for our rental.  We didn’t want to spend money on furniture that most likely wouldn’t fit the house we would eventually buy.  It seemed like a waste of money.  So …

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[26 Jan 2012 | 6 Comments | ]
And The Walls Come Tumbling Down–Basement Progress

Ok they probably didn’t come tumbling down.  I’m sure there was much more work involved than that.  I wish I could say that I had a hand in the progress that has been made in the basement, but I really haven’t done much down there besides transfer a few boards from one room to another – one time.  So I have to give the man of the house all of the credit for the progress thus far.  He’s been busy.  And he’s done a great job.  Here is what the …

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[24 Jan 2012 | 16 Comments | ]
Mudroom Gallery Wall

It’s funny how hanging a few pictures can change your attitude about your house.  A few nail holes later this place is feeling much more like ours, like us, like home.  Of course we still have a few things to take care of in the mudroom, including caulking the trim and figuring out just what to do with that floor (thanks for your suggestions) but I couldn’t wait to get a few pictures on the wall.  Check it out!   

As you can see, I couldn’t wait to share with you.  …

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[21 Jan 2012 | 13 Comments | ]
Paint Is Amazing –Mudroom Progress

Our mudroom has been given a temporary face lift!  I finally got around to slapping a few coats of paint on this little room.  I’ve decided that picking a small room to start our “in the meantime” fixes was a good idea because it won’t be long before it’s all done.  I think if I had started in the kitchen I would be feeling a little bit overwhelmed.  This is a smaller space with a closer finish line.  And crossing that finish line will be the injection of satisfaction and …

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[19 Jan 2012 | 6 Comments | ]
Utterly Cheap

We’ve selected a colour for our mudroom.  We chose it for two reasons.  The first being, we had it in our townhome and liked it.  The second being, we had a gallon of it in the basement and we’re super cheap.  It’s called Utterly Beige by Sherwin Williams.   
It’s one of those colours that seems to go with pretty much everything.  I’ll admit that I was resistant to using the same colour we had in our last house.  It seemed much less exciting than picking a new paint.  However, I …

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[18 Jan 2012 | 11 Comments | ]
From Wood 2 White!

I know that the question of whether or not to paint wood white or leave it natural always encourages a heated debate and people on both sides have strong feelings.  I hope I don’t offend any one by saying this but  I am a passionate member of team white when it comes to doors, trim and sills.  Don’t hate.  I knew that the wood door in our mudroom had to either be replaced or painted.   And because the name of the game around this place is FREE I decided to …

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[16 Jan 2012 | 9 Comments | ]
Blue Be Gone!

Brrrrr.  Is it ever cold outside!  And the weekend was pretty much the same.  Thankfully, I didn’t really need to do anything outside and had plenty to keep me busy inside.  I feel like I’ve spent the last two days shut in to the mud room (kitchen extension) only breaking for coffee, food, t.v., blog reading, and general lounging.  So basically I took my sweet time.  But I completed my mission – rid the back door of all traces of blue.  Let me remind you of what the door looked …

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[13 Jan 2012 | 8 Comments | ]
They’re Outta Here–Living Room Progress

I know you’ve seen glimpses of our living room in other posts and the carpet has obviously been removed.  But I never shared pictures of the room after the removal.  So here is a quick spin around our bare
naked living room.  The lighting is a little off in some of the pictures.  I don’t really know why that is, but I’m working on figuring it out (at some point this year).

All of the tack strips, staples, nails and gum (who knew contractors just spit their gum out and then laid …