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[27 Apr 2012 | 11 Comments | ]
House Tour:  Main Bathroom #1

Can you believe that I still haven’t finished posting the tour of our house?  I think I’ve only shared with you one bathroom (the ensuite).  We have six seven.  Yes six seven. We’re only using two since we’re only two people and… who has time to clean six seven bathrooms? Not me.  So,  I thought I’d give you a quick spin around one of our two main bathrooms.  Please note that these pictures were taken right after we moved in.  Before we had a chance to put …

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[24 Apr 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
Coffee Pot Love

My Christmas wish list (3 years ago) included a Cuisinart coffee maker with a hot water system.  Unfortunately every store that carried it at the time was either sold out, back ordered or had discontinued it.  And for the longest time I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Then a few months ago I spotted in in Lowes.  But  I couldn’t bring myself to part with a hundred and twenty five of my hard earned dollar bills (That’s why I put it on the Christmas list.  Spending other people’s money is way …

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[19 Apr 2012 | 8 Comments | ]
How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is our first official landscaping post.  Let it be known, we have no idea what we’re doing out here. We’re totally clueless about when to plant, what to plant, how to plant and where to plant. That being said, it wouldn’t take a horticulturist to realize that our yard is in desperate need of some tender love and care. Because we’re sitting on over 3 acres of land with many garden areas we have to break our landscaping ambitions down to very manageable tasks. Otherwise, …

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[17 Apr 2012 | 16 Comments | ]
Thrift Store Chairs–Before & After

Remember when I gave you a little sneak peek at my made over thrift store dining chairs?  Well, I’m back to share with you the after pictures!  It was such a beautiful day on Sunday, I decided to photograph one of the chairs outside.  The barn board acts as the perfect rustic backdrop to my new distressed pride and joy.  Both of the chairs are done, I just didn’t want to lug the second one outside for my mini photo shoot.  I promise you aren’t missing anything.  They look like …

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[16 Apr 2012 | 5 Comments | ]
Easy Banana Bread

Bananas usually don’t have a chance to get really ripe around here because I eat them well before that happens.  But for some reason we’ve had an abundance of bananas in our house lately and a few were on the brown and soft side.  So instead of throwing them away, I whipped up some banana bread yesterday.  I adapted a recipe I found on Cooking On Clover Lane.
Easy Banana Bread Recipe
2 large bananas (The recipe called for three bananas.  Mine were very large so I used two.)
1 cup butter
1/2 …

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[13 Apr 2012 | 5 Comments | ]
It Just Keeps Growing And Growing

My milk glass collection that is!  It seems that every time I pop in to a thrift store I find at least one piece of milk glass that I like.  The prices make it hard for me to say no. So far I have three vases, three planters and a bell.  Now I just need to find the perfect hutch to display them all. I have a feeling that finding it isn’t going to be as easy as finding the milk glass itself.I know what you all really …

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[11 Apr 2012 | 11 Comments | ]
Thrift Store Chairs–Sneak Peak

I’m not ready to reveal my chair transformation just yet.  I’m struggling with the upholstery issue.  Well,  I wouldn’t be if I had taken the time to research first.  But instead I dove right in and they seat covers look a little sad.  After 10 minutes on Pinterest (why didn’t I do that in the first place?) I found out what I did wrong.  I’ll be tackling the seats again tomorrow.  So until I have a finished product to show you I’ll leave you with a little sneak peak of …

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[5 Apr 2012 | 11 Comments | ]
A Single Easter Decoration

I love Christmas.  I really do.  And even though we don’t have kids I like to get in the spirit, go overboard on decorations and watch Christmas themed movies beginning in September.  I don’t feel that way about any other holiday.  In case you didn’t notice – I didn’t put a single decoration up for St. Patty’s day.  Nor did I mention it on here once.  In fact, I had to send my sister at text to find out if it was St. Patty’s day – it was.  The only …

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[4 Apr 2012 | 9 Comments | ]
My Next Furniture Project

So I hinted yesterday that I had made a few more thrifty items mine on the weekend. I spotted these two beauties from across the store and figure they would probably be coming home with me. The shape is lovely, they’re solid wood and there were two! Perfect. Now I can move the two leather chairs that were at the bar top back to sit with their friends in the dining room. Oh and did I mention the price? $12.99/chair. In my neck of the …

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[3 Apr 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
From Gold To ORB.  Upgraded Milk Glass.

Remember that sweet milk glass bell I picked up from my local thrift store for two bucks?  The one with the awful and cheap looking  gold handle?  Well, as I said I would, I ORB’d the handle.  I have to say, I think it’s looking a bit better.  In case you don’t remember what it looked like before, here is a refresher.And here she is after a few light coats of spray paint.  I let a bit of the gold show through here and there to make it look a …