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[30 Jul 2012 | 8 Comments | ]
This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Bread Box!

Actually, there’s a distinct possibility that it may in fact be, your Grandma’s breadbox.  Or perhaps she just had one kind of like it.  Either way this $2.00 yard sale find has me giddy!  The lady I bought it from asked me if I planned to paint it.  When I told her I like it the way it is, she looked at me like I had two heads.  You tell me. Do you think this beauty needs to be painted?  Or are you, like me, loving that vintage vibe?And …

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[26 Jul 2012 | 9 Comments | ]
A Picture Is Worth 3000 Words.

It’s no surprise to you that I love to take pictures.  More than taking them, I love to edit them!  I could (and do) spend hours in front of  my computer playing with editing software.  I love the Peonies Collection I shot (that sounds way too professional) took earlier this year and have edited them three different ways.  I plan on printing a few of these photos for display somewhere in my house.  Most likely the dining room or entry way. I just can’t decide which version I like …

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[24 Jul 2012 | 14 Comments | ]
The Cottage Shed

Have you seen this shed before? It may have peeked through in a winter wonderland picture I showed you here.  When we first moved in to our house, back in November, I hated it. I thought for sure it would be one of the first things to go once the weather warmed up.However,  It’s starting to grow on me. And the more I think about converting it to a potting shed the more I like it!  It obviously needs some work and I have WAY too many projects on the …

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[19 Jul 2012 | 10 Comments | ]
Got Milk Glass?  I do!

I’ve made two new additions to my milk glass collection. Of course both of these pieces came from my local Value Village. At $2.99 each I couldn’t pass them up. I love the texture of both and they make a great statement in my kitchen – the only room in the house that is in decent enough shape to display anything. Take a peek.
What are you collecting lately? Any other milk glass lovers out there? Can you ever really have too much?

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[17 Jul 2012 | 11 Comments | ]
The Sister’s House–Kitchen Progress

We spent the weekend at my Sister’s house!  She is making great progress on her whole house but her kitchen in particular is plugging right along.  Check out what it looked like when she first closed.And take a look at how far it has come.  The cabinets have been removed, the wall to the right has been taken down, the tile has been ripped up and a new plywood subfloor has been installed!And as you can see there is a box of tile and a few trim pieces just waiting …

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[12 Jul 2012 | 12 Comments | ]
Entry Way Slow & Painful Progress

We’re at that point in another project.  You know the point.  The point when you question why you started the project  to begin with.  The point when the before pictures look way better than the progress pictures.  The point when you start brainstorming shortcuts and quick fixes.   The point of no return.  Ripping up linoleum is the worst.  Period.  No questions asked.  It. Is. The. Worst.  And it looks like we’re going to be doing it for a while.  For those of you who don’t remember (and for my new …

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[10 Jul 2012 | 12 Comments | ]
Look What I Got!

I was so excited when the notice that I had a package waiting for me at the post office arrived on Friday.  I knew exactly what it was – redneck wine glasses from Whitney!  As a part of the Pass It On phenomenon sweeping the blogsphere, Whitney sweetly asked me if I would like to receive a handmade gift from here and in turn make one for a fellow blogger.  Obviously I responded with an emphatic YES!  And a little bit of jumping around like a nerd behind the protection …

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[9 Jul 2012 | 13 Comments | ]
Have You Seen Our Basement Lately?

Of course you haven’t.  Because I haven’t showed you anything basement related in a while.  Progress has been made!  It’s still a giant disaster but we’re slowly clearing stuff out and revealing how gigantic this space really is.  I thought today I would give you a progress update on the north side of the basement.  You probably don’t remember what it looked like back in November when we moved in, so here are a few reminders.  To see more before pictures check out our House Tour: Basement post.And here is …

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[5 Jul 2012 | 9 Comments | ]
D.I.Y. A.R.T.

Easiest. Canvas. Art. Ever.  Seriously.  Ok, it’s a bit messy but that was part of the fun!  I just globed on my paint and sprayed it with a water bottle.  Then I globed on some more.  I continued globing and spraying until I was happy with what I saw.  These colours are a little bit bolder than I would normally chose and the style is a bit more modern.  But it’s a nice change for summer.  I can see this eventually living in a guest room – you know if …

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[2 Jul 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
My Sister’s Kitchen

On Canada Day we did what any good Canadian DIYers do.  We went to Home Depot.  And we spent some of our hard earned money.  Well I didn’t.  My Sister did.  If there is one thing I admire about her it’s that she isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.  She saw some tile that she liked for her kitchen floor and backsplash and before I knew it we were loading up the cart.  Simple. As. That.  Of course the prices helped make the decision pretty easy.  The porcelain floor tile …