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[27 Sep 2012 | 9 Comments | ]
My Birthday Wishlist

With progress in the entry way slow going, and furniture painting at a stand still right now, I thought I would share with you all of the things I’m dreaming of for my birthday. {edited to say, my birthday isn’t until october!}  Just a few items I’ve had my eye on.  You know, that I would be over the moon happy with if any of my family were to be reading this, and generous enough to gift them to me for my one and only 31st birthday!  Anybody?1.  Heberer Boots  …

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[25 Sep 2012 | 14 Comments | ]
Hosta Flower.  Also Known As White.

Over the past week we’ve received a shipment of furniture at our house.  All of the furniture I showed you here, and then some.  I didn’t waste any time getting started on making the entry way chests over, because I’m dying to bring some order back to that room.  Now that the temperatures are dropping, we actually need a place to hang jackets and scarves!  I decided that I wanted to paint the small chest in a light “greige” colour.  I thought that Hosta Flower by Pittsburg Paints was the …

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[21 Sep 2012 | 16 Comments | ]
My “It’s Finally Fall” Front Porch

Now that the temperatures have dropped (I couldn’t be happier about it) I felt it was finally appropriate to start traditional fall decorating.  In this house that means pumpkins.  Yesterday I made a quick stop at a local farm to pick up a few to add to my front porch.  The addition of the pumpkins and some fire wood transformed to porch to full blown fall!I spent a total of $16 on the pumpkins – which I thought was a great price considering I picked up two larger white ones, …

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[19 Sep 2012 | 16 Comments | ]
Furniture Hoarding

The one downfall of being creative and inspired is that you see potential in everything.  Even old melamine furniture is just waiting to be made over.  And I have no shortage of furniture that is brimming with potential.  I added to my growing hoard collection this weekend.  Who can say no to free furniture? The boy’s Grandmother sold her home and moved in to a retirement residence.  She has graciously offered us any of the furniture we wanted from her house.  I’ve had my eye on a few pieces for …

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[17 Sep 2012 | 12 Comments | ]
Small Victories – Entry Way Painting & Lighting

We finally finished painting the walls above the stairs!  Oh happy day!

Of course that light fixture is still challenging us.  We have made a little bit of progress in the lighting department though.  I selected new sconces and a new fixture for in the entry way closet.  The closet fixture hasn’t been installed but the sconces have.  Here is a sneak peek.

Not what you were expecting right?  Looks like we’re headed down a rustic/industrial décor path.

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[14 Sep 2012 | 16 Comments | ]
Accidental Art?

A few months ago I bought a 24” x 48” canvas at Michaels because I had a 50% off coupon.  I think it ended up costing me about fifteen bucks – not bad.  Of course even as I was buying it I was thinking that not just anybody should be allowed to buy canvas and art supplies.  I figured there was an incredibly good chance that it would end up ruined.    I was completely at a loss for what I would do with it or how I would do it.  …

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[12 Sep 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
Entry Way Progress– Those Damn Stairs!

We finally made some progress on the walls above the stairs in our entry way this past weekend.  It was painful.  And of course, those damn stairs prevented either of us from being able to reach the very top of the walls or the center seam.  So cutting in has been on hold.  Even though it’s not completely finished I thought I would share with you our progress – because it was a loooooong time coming!Hope is not lost though.  Look what the in laws dropped off last night!&Hopefully the …

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[11 Sep 2012 | 10 Comments | ]
Thrifty Finds–Rock On!

Once again, a trip to my local Value Village delivered!  I’ve always loved the rocking chair my Mom has and hoped she would give it to me someday.  Well, I’m sick of waiting. So when I spotted this beauty, I didn’t hesitate to grab it!  It’s solid wood, in exceptionally good shape and was only $12.99.  Score!Now I have to decide what I want to do with it.  I want to add a cushion to the seat and either paint or stain it.  I know it doesn’t really need any …

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[10 Sep 2012 | 16 Comments | ]
Entry Way Progress-Shut The Dining Room Door!

Happy Monday!  My weekend was pretty productive.  Of course there are a few items on my to-do list that didn’t get much attention.  The coat rack in the entry way never got touched and we put minimal effort in to the floor.  However, I tackled one item in the entry way that wasn’t even on the list.  Go me right?  I actually just used this project as a tool to aid in my floor procrastination.  Either way, the doors in to the dining room needed to be addressed.  Now they …

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[7 Sep 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
Entry Way Progress–Getting Ready For A Productive Weekend!

We finally showed the wall above the stairs who’s boss!  The wallpaper glue on the two walls that meet behind the stairs has been particularly difficult to remove.  I don’t know if a different person installed it (Mike Holmes style), or if the sun shining on the other walls broke the glue down over time but either way, we’ve basically had to strip the wall off to get rid of the glue behind the stairs.  So that means a little bit of patch work will be necessary before we can …